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30 ml

  • 4 super-powerful brightening agents
  • Interacts with the skin microbiome
  • Perfectly even skin toning
  • Protection of cellular DNA from UV radiation
  • Produced in Switzerland

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A revolutionary concentrate for brightening and even toning of the skin with a therapeutic effect. The most powerful brightening agents in one product! Brightenyl® is the first generation of active ingredients that are activated when applied to the skin by microorganisms normally found on human skin. Stratum microbium converts the component into molecules that act on 7 biological chains to reduce age spots and redness of various origins. Asyntra®SL is an innovative complex based on the favorite component of Synovea (Hexylresorcinol), enhanced by synergy with ethyl linoleate. Brightening unispheres – have a double effect: instant camouflage and hiding skin imperfections within 5 seconds (!!!) after application, as well as prolonged brightening, thanks to the effective herbal ingredients in the composition. Niacinamide PC allows you to work with post-inflammatory pigmentation of patients with acne and evens out skin tone and color.

Along with a fantastic brightening and smoothing effect, the serum provides intensive protection of skin cells from free radical damage, reduces the inflammation reaction of the skin and has a moisturizing effect.

Customers want fast and reliable results in their brightening treatment – this SOS-serum guarantees them to get it!

  • In case of any skin imperfections
  • To fight existing age spots of various origins
  • For recovery after active ultraviolet radiation
  • To prevent the appearance of new age spots
  • For correction of post-acne

RIGHTENYL® (BRITENYL) – is the result of deep research in metagenomics, microbiology and biochemistry. This is an aqueous solution of THBG (a-glucosides of trihydroxybenzoic acid), which, unlike the natural unstable molecule of trihydroxybenzoic acid (THBA), is highly stable, 100% safe and penetrates the skin to a depth of 12 microns. Skin microbiota partially converts THBG to THBA through cleavage of a-glucoside enzyme. As a result, the activation of the most important processes on which Braytenil has a multilevel effect occurs, which has been proven by numerous clinical studies:

1) Control over free radicals. The antioxidant activity of Braytenil, enhanced by the conversion of THBG to THBA by the microbiota, is 4 times higher than of vitamin C.

2) Inhibition of the NfkB cascade – a tracription factor that regulates the expression of immune response genes, which allows you to effectively control the inflammatory response and reduce the inflammation reaction of the skin.

3) Inhibition of PGE2. Braytenyl effectively reduces the expression of this prostaglandin produced by keratinocytes in response to UV rays.

4) Prevention of DNA damage. Brighthenyl protects cellular DNA from UV radiation, providing up to 94% photoprotection.

5) Inhibition of tyrosinase, which reduces the synthesis of melanin by 31%. In a dose / efficacy ratio, brighttenil is 60 times more effective than kojic acid!

6) Prevention of melanin transfer by saturation of keratinocyte galactose receptors up to 62%.

7) Inhibition of MITF-transcription factor involved in melanin synthesis by 37%.

FLASHWHITE UNISPHERES® – are unique lightening unispheres that instantly hide skin imperfections. The combination of camouflage and therapeutic properties of unispheres gives amazing results! An even light complexion is achieved by the action of a natural whitening pigment titanium dioxide in a high concentration in combination with bio-extracts of cucumber and lemon, rich in vitamin C. Unispheres-titanium dioxide beads, when gently rubbed in, are transformed and distributed over the surface of the skin, correcting its tone. Whitening plant extracts have a deep effect on the skin, block the activity of tyrosinase, inhibiting melanogenesis, and protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, reducing the intensity of oxidative reactions.

UNITAMURON H-22 – is a natural moisturizer, herbal analogue of hyaluronic acid. This polysaccharide, obtained from Indian tamarind seeds, significantly increases the level of hydration and elasticity of the skin, improves its microrelief, eliminating “roughness”. Unitamuron has a small molecular weight and a large number of cross-links, which enhances its penetrating ability and ensures its reliable adhesion to keratinocyte proteins.

ASYNTRA®SL – is an amphiphilic lipid with the highest bioavailability. This is an innovative complex based on the favorite component of Synovea (Hexylresorcinol), enhanced by synergy with ethyl linoleate. Synovea has excellent brightening properties, by blocking the synthesis of melanin in the skin, it has been clinically proven to be 4 times more effective than the well-known hydroquinone! In addition, Synovea®HR is able to absorb ultraviolet light and reduce the inflammation reaction  caused by various irritants. The antioxidant and anti-aging properties of the component are manifested in its stimulating effect on the cells of the dermis and epidermis, as well as antiglycation effect to protect against aging at the cellular level. Ethyl linoleate is saturated with a stable form of linoleic acid, which is effective in lightening skin pigmentation caused by UV radiation and also accelerates the proteolytic degradation of tyrosinase.

NIACINAMIDE PC – is the modernized formula of the well-known vitamin B3, but without the side effects – burning, sensation of heat and warmth. Improves microcirculation, which is especially important in cases of stagnant post-inflammatory spots. Promotes lightening by inhibiting the movement of melanosomes.

According to the latest scientific research, Niacinamide PC is very effective against UV radiation (sunlight and blue light from gadget screens):

  • reduces the induction of ROS by 48% caused by blue light, reduces oxidative stress in the skin, preventing damage of proteins and lipids.
  • significantly activates the restoration of DNA damage caused by ultraviolet light.

Apply to cleansed face and neck during the day. After the serum use a finishing cream, preferably with SPF.


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