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Beneficial start for beauty therapists with reNeo cosmetics



  • Innovative products with effective concentrations of active ingredients
  • Beneficial cost of products and procedures
  • Online training 24/7 – video courses, treatment protocols, training kits
  • Customisation: adjust the cost and duration of procedures
  • Professional and retail product range
  • Special offers for complex purchases
  • £25 discount for the first order over £200
  • Free delivery for orders over £190
  • 10% cashback for every purchase


  • Variety of treatments with reasonable cost
  • Effective and affordable home care to prolong the effect of professional treatments
  • Home care products for different skin types – including very sensitive skin
  • Bespoke skincare solutions
  • Comfortable textures and light pleasant aromas


Register on the website, attach your diploma to confirm your qualification in your personal account and receive:

  • £25 discount for your first order over £200
  • Free shipping for one order
  • Minipack as a gift for testing the procedure


Watch video courses
Pass the test and get a certificate
Read current articles, stay up to date with the latest information
Discover treatment protocols


For the convenience of online training, reNeo cosmetics offers training mini-packs with a set of necessary products for the procedure. Order a mini-pack, watch the corresponding training video and perform the procedure at a convenient time in a convenient place.

Test reNeo cosmetics facial treatments, evaluate the results and then order professional products in full volume.


The best way to buy necessary products for the most common treatments in your salon.

  • 17 professional products in full volume
  • 4+ comprehensive care programs: peels, deep cleansing, anti-age, device-based care
  • 60+ full procedures
  • 37% discount
  • Free delivery


Order home care products with a 20% discount for your salon/beauty cabin

For every purchase you make online, you receive 10% CASHBACK to your personal account.
Use the accumulated cashback for your next purchase!

Professional skin care products for cosmetologists are essential tools in performing effective treatments and achieving optimal results for clients. These products are meticulously formulated with advanced ingredients and technologies to address various skin concerns while ensuring safety and efficacy under professional supervision.

Today there are numerous over-the-counter skin care products. Most of such brands claim to be super-efficient for different skin concerns. Sometimes even beauticians at the beginning of their career use mass market skin care products to perform salon treatments. Surely, that will do to provide customers with relaxation, sense of comfort and caring. But when visible therapeutic effect is needed you should choose professional skin care products for cosmetologists.

The same component can be mentioned in the formula of an over-the counter product and a professional product. But what really matters is the concentration, not the mere presence of the ingredient. Professional products have a higher percentage of active ingredients, which penetrate deeper layers of the skin to deliver transformative results. That’s why their properties in addressing various skin concerns are stronger. And that is why such products should be prescribed only by qualified beauty therapist or dermatologist. And some of professional products (for example, chemical peels) should be administered only by beauty professionals within professional skin treatment and should not be used in daily home care.

Over-the-counter skin care products allow your customers to self-diagnose their skin and select products they think are best. However, their choice is not always benefit their skin conditions. Teaching every client to skin care basics is a very important mission of cosmetologists, aestheticians or other beauty professionals. Customers should understand that key aspects of healthy radiant skin are healthy lifestyle, regular home care according to skin type and current skin concerns, quality skin care products prescribed by dermatologist or beauty therapist. 

What arguments can persuade your customers to trust you rather than marketing promotions, and to give preference to professional products rather than mass-market ones? 

  • Professional skin care products for medical centers and beauty salons are made to be a lot more potent. These products use active ingredients in high concentrations to promote your overall skin health. 
  • A trained professional can examine your skin and prescribes treatments and home care products that will adequately address the issue you have.
  • Unlike over-the-counter products, professional skin care products for medical centers and beauty salons have been tested to be effective on specific skin conditions. Moreover, every qualified beauty therapist has certain practical experience with different professional facial products and knows how efficient they were in different real cases.

Beauty Academies and Schools provide aspiring skin care professionals with essential theoretical knowledge: the basics of skin, skin function, skin disorders and its treatments, advanced facials. Another important part of any beauty course is practical training in which professional skin care products play a pivotal role. These products are not only essential tools for hands-on learning but also contribute to the overall educational experience of students.

Running a successful beauty salon with cosmetology services requires careful attention to various factors and aspects that contribute to its overall success. Among key considerations that determine the success of a beauty salon it is worth mention the following:

  • Location
  • Quality of services
  • Range of services
  • Effective marketing strategies
  • Client Relationships
  • Business Management
  • Hygiene and Cleanliness
  • Ambiance and Décor
  • Adaptability and Innovation

Let’s talk about the quality factor. The quality of services offered is paramount to the success of any beauty salon. It is determined by the qualification of salon employees and the quality of skin care products used for salon treatments.

Employ skilled and certified cosmetologists who stay updated with the latest trends, techniques, and treatments in the industry. Invest in ongoing training and education to maintain high standards of service delivery.

Opt for professional skin care products for beauty salons. Unlike the mass market brands, they are more effective and safer for solving aesthetic skin problems. Professional skin care products for beauty salons have a high concentration of active substances, and provide an individual approach to skin care. Whether your clients are seeking hydration, anti-aging solutions, or targeted treatments for acne-prone skin, you will have the perfect products to meet their needs.


  • Discover the variety of reNeo cosmetics care programs with visible results after the first procedure.
  • Test the procedures at a convenient time in a convenient place to personally evaluate the results
  • Buy professional products to work online at beneficial prices
  • Select home care for your clients according to their indications. Place a reNeo cosmetics showcase in your office and receive additional income
    Register on the website now, attach your qualification certificate in your personal account and receive a minipack and a promo code for free delivery as a gift.
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