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Biomimetic serums by reNeo cosmetics are the favorites of many cosmetologists. They consist of peptides, biotechnological complexes, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, retinol, rosemary extracts, brightening components.

The formula of each serum is uniquely developed by leading European laboratories:⠀

  • balancing the composition of innovative components in a different concentration
  • patented biotechnological complexes
  • targeted influence to solve the aesthetic problems of the skin

Each serum can have targeted action, perfectly combined with creams and masks in complex treatments.

Pick reNeo cosmetics biomimetic serums according to the needs of your patients – use during the procedures at your salon and prescribe for home skincare.

  • 3D LIFT SERUM P185 – anti age lifting serum. This peptide serum for ageing skin stimulates the synthesis of elastin (by 15%), collagen, and natural hyaluronic acid
  • ANTI-WRINKLE SERUM P117 – moisturising serum with hyaluronic acid and SYN-AKE tripeptide. Has a double effect: miorelaxing and healing
  • TOTAL OIL-CONTROL SERUM P176 – this serum for oily skin comprehensively contributes to the normalization of sebum balance, to repair antibacterial action and to improve the skin.
  • LOCAL SOS-SOLUTION P213 – anti-acne suspension for problem skins with hanging. This niacinamide serum with zinc oxide, camphora, sulfur has a bactericidal and healing effect, actively dries out inflammations
  • MELANO-BLOCK SERUM P181 – skin brightening serum with 4 powerful lightening components. This serum with niacinamide interacts with the skin microbiome, reducing age spots and post-inflammatory pigmentation in acne patients. This antioxidant serum protects cellular DNA from UV radiation.
  • VITA-ACTIVE PEPTIDE SERUM P219 – vitamin c serum for dry skin, for dull skin, for combined skin with signs of post-acne. This nourishing serum also contains folic acid, peptides, 5 growth factors, vitamins A, B, E and increases skin firmness and elasticity.
  • HPR SERUM with Granactive Retinoid 2% P223 – retinoid serum for powerful renewal of skin cells, correction of acne-like rashes
  • ANTI-RED CALMING SERUM P178 – SOS-serum for removing redness of the skin of any nature. Instant soothing effect, deep hydration.
  • RENEWING ENZYME AHA SERUM P107 – glycolic acid serum with enzymes and raspberry extract for delicate exfoliation, regeneration of the epidermis. This aha serum provides effective pre- and post-peeling care
  • LUXE-AGE GOLD FILLING SERUM P105 – anti aging serum with gold hydrosol for restoration of skin turgor, lifting and correction of noticeable age changes.


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