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Device-based cosmetology is an efficient and effective way to preserve youth and solve many aesthetic skin problems without surgery, anesthesia and injections. The action of the devices promotes penetration of potent key ingredients into the layers of the epidermis.

Conductive serums from Derma Series by reNeo cosmetics are active concentrates specially designed to work with the latest treatment room technology: ultrasound, iontophoresis, electroporation, microcurrents – in order to further enhance hydration, product penetration and skin revitalization. These conductive serums have a water base, gel texture, a high concentration of active ingredients, and have good electrical conductivity (ionized form). That is, they provide both excellent gliding and a therapeutic effect for solving various aesthetic problems: they have a lifting effect, increase skin tone and turgor, deeply moisturize the skin, help eliminate rosacea, and help reduce the manifestations of irritation and inflammatory reactions.

ReNeo cosmetics conductive serums penetrate well into the skin without leaving a film on the face. In addition to the conductivity-optimised formula, the ingredients in the reNeo cosmetics Conductive Serums provide enhanced hydration, lifting and soothing benefits. Furthermore, it is not necessary to use a conductive gel in the procedure with active concentrates.

Apart from being used in device-based procedures, reNeo cosmetics conductive serums show good results as regular serums: in combination with alginate masks and in home skincare.

Incorporate Conductive serums by reNeo cosmetics and the following professional modalities into your treatments for enhanced results!


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