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30 ml

  • For hypersensitive skin with couperose and rosacea 
  • Firmness improvement of vascular walls of capillaries 
  • Decrease of skin inflammatory reaction 
  • Produced in Germany
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Highly active negatively charged concentrate is specially designed to be used in device-based cosmetology by professionals. It is perfect for iontophoresis, ultrasound, microcurrent and electroporation. It is ideal for sensitive skin prone to reactivity and skin with couperose and rosacea signs.

This serum for sensitive skin for professional skincare modalities contains liquorice root and horse chestnut extracts – active ingredients that make capillary walls firmer and stimulate injury recovery. Panthenol and bisabolol produce calming, hydrating effects and decrease inflammation manifestations.

The serum can be used as a self-sufficient product in regular home care, especially to support and prolong effects of device-based treatment. It is also recommended as an additional product on the 6th stage of reNeo cosmetics procedure protocols. The product can be used without any conductive gels. Minimal usage of one procedure is 2 ml.

  • For sensitive skin prone to couperose
  • To decrease manifestations of irritation of hypersensitive skin 
  • In case of allergic and vivid inflammatory reactions on skin 

ALPHA-BISABOLOLOL – has a pronounced antibacterial effect, perfectly relieves skin irritation by reducing the levels of major inflammatory mediators – cytokines, and a record concentration of vitamin B5 provides a soothing effect. Alpha bisabolol effectively softens the skin and helps to restore its elasticity. Due to a high concentration of bioactive molecules bisabolol effectively enhances the regenerative functions of the skin. As a natural enhancer it promotes fast and deep penetration of other active substances into the skin.

VITAMIN B5 (PANTENOL) soothes the skin, stimulates its regeneration, normalizes cell metabolism and increases the strength of collagen fibers.

HONEYCATAN EXTRACT is one of the best components for normalizing microcirculation and blood circulation in the skin due to its high content of escine, which is many times more effective than classical rutin. Aescin considerably reduces the number of pores in the walls of capillaries and their diameter. Facilitating the tissue fluid flow inside the capillary and then inside the vessel, escin prevents the formation of perivascular edema. Active anti-inflammatory properties are in the horse chestnut extract, where other biologically active substances potentiate its abilities and increase its effectiveness by 5 times. In addition to its vascular effect, it has tanning properties – it covers the skin with a thin protective film, which protects it from damaging environmental factors. Carotenoids as antioxidants neutralize free radicals, thereby reducing the manifestation of inflammatory reactions.

ROOT OF MALLET EXTRACT has the unique ability to reduce the manifestation of biologically active mediators of inflammation. Quickly and persistently soothes the skin, reduces redness, itching, peeling. Reduces vascular fragility, thus improving blood circulation, respectively, increases the flow of useful substances to the basal cells of the epidermis.


The serum is “-” charged, therefore the implementation can be provided by a negatively charged electrode – the cathode. The positive electrode, the anode, will be, in this case, passive and is in the patient’s hand throughout the procedure.

Total treatment time is 10 min, 6-10 sessions, the interval is 5 days.


Sounding of tissues will accelerate the metabolic activity of cells in the tissues, improve trophic and lymphatic flow, thus reducing the irritation of the skin and reduce vascular reactions. The most effective effect will be ensured by a continuous mode with low frequency and intensity below 3W/cm2.

15 min, 10-15 sessions, 3-5 days interval.


Allows infiltration of large molecules of this serum into the cells of the vascular wall. All active components will strengthen the vascular wall, reduce capillary permeability and fragility.

25 min, 6-8 treatments, interval 7-10 days.


  1. Samantha George

    I liked the Derma Series conductive serums for electroporation, the effect of the booster for sensitive skin with couperose has been better than laser resurfacing, now I do not use conductive gels for electroporation, I work with conductive serums, my clients love them.

  2. Grace Moore

    This is the second time I have taken this booster. I like it very much, I used it after peels, it soothes the skin very well

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