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50 ml

  • Nanotechnologies and wide protection spectrum
  • Restoration and protection of skin cells DNA from UV-damage 
  • Ultra light fluid texture
  • Produced in Spain
(7 customer reviews)

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Sunscreen reliably protects skin from the aggressive influence of UV rays due to the innovative combination of UVA and UVB wide spectrum filters.

Action of chemical filters is increased by bioactive components. 

Plankton extract protects cell’s DNA from photo damage; together with  tocopherol block free radicals and hydrate skin. Bisabolol removes irritations and promotes skin tissue restoration.

Combination of natural ingredients and new technologies guarantee a perfect effect of this sunscreen!

This light SPF50 cream has a fluid texture, it instantly soaks without leaving any oily feeling or glossiness on skin. 

  • for everyday care on sunny days 
  • during course of aggressive procedures 
  • after injections
  • while staying on seaside or in mountains

BIS-ETHYLHEXYLOXYPHENOL METHOXYPHENYL TRIAZINE is a new generation of finely dispersed “micronized” UV filters. Effectively protects the skin against ultraviolet radiation in the wavelength range from 290 to 340 nanometers (UVA/UVB-rays). Three times more effective than avobenzone.

ETHYLHEXYL METHOXYCINNAMATE is a biotechnological ingredient derived from cocoa tree leaves. It provides high quality protection from UVB rays. It does not cause comedones.

TITANIUM DIOXIDE is a physical (mineral) filter that refracts and reflects UVA rays, thus preventing skin cell damage. Absolutely inert and safe filter suitable for the care of sensitive and damaged skin. It is non-toxic, does not penetrate the skin and does not cause allergic reactions. The filter activity begins immediately after application to the skin.

ALPHA-BISABOLOLOL has a strong antibacterial effect and soothes skin irritation by reducing the levels of the main inflammatory mediators – cytokines, and a record concentration of vitamin B5 provides a soothing effect. Alpha bisabolol effectively softens the skin and helps to restore its elasticity. Due to a high concentration of bioactive molecules bisabolol effectively enhances the regenerative functions of the skin. As a natural enhancer it promotes fast and deep penetration of other active substances into the skin.

VITAMIN E (TOCOPHEROL) participates in tissue respiration processes, supports the immune system (including skin barrier immunity) by protecting the reproduction of immune cells. It is necessary for the stabilization of biological membranes. By slowing down the process of peroxide lipid formation, it restores their structure and function. It is a powerful antioxidant. Participating in reactions with lipids, it forms a low-energy tocopherol radical, which by itself does not promote prolonged chain reactions with membrane lipids, but can restore its antioxidant properties with other antioxidants, such as vitamin C. It preserves and enhances the effect of vitamin C on the skin, strengthens the hydrolipid mantle and is a natural sunscreen, protecting the skin from UV rays and slowing down the aging process. Vitamin E is an irreplaceable component of eyelash care. It activates the processes of growth and regeneration, affecting the hair follicles and prevents hair breakage by providing antioxidant protection.

PLANKTON EXTRACT provides sun protection and hydrating effect. It contains an enzyme called photolyase, which removes broken or altered DNA bonds formed under the influence of ultraviolet light and promotes DNA repair. Plankton’s natural ability to synthesize and release protective exopolysaccharide outside the cell wall increases the amount of moisture in the stratum corneum and keeps the epidermis adequately hydrated. Plankton polysaccharides have powerful protective properties: they protect the skin against oxidative stress and the irritating effects of aggressive physical and chemical factors.

Recommended for use after aggressive techniques in the salon at the end of procedures, as well as in home care during periods of increased sun exposure.

7 reviews for SUN-BLOCK EMULSION

  1. Diana Shaw

    This cream is a direct hit to the heart. ❤️ It spreads evenly on the skin, mattifies and protects from the sun

  2. Chloe Brannigan

    Cool sunscreen fluid. It protects well, has a fluid texture, comfortable on the skin. Although not quite successful packaging. Due to the fact that the texture is quite liquid, it is difficult to dose the product from the tube, it spreads between the fingers in a second. Such a pump as on most of serums would be perfect for this sunscreen 🙂

  3. Nikki Toretto

    A modern sunscreen emulsion with highly effective filters. Absorbs well, leaves no streaks on the skin and does not mark the sunglasses. Complementarily moisturizes the skin. Very comfortable product.

  4. Ruby Wallace

    I love this sunscreen! Great texture, very light on the skin, leaves no residue, protects well. A favorite of my clients as well!

  5. Thea Woodward

    Emulsion with a fluid texture, comfortable even on oily skin, no greasy feeling, pleasant smell

  6. Chloe Porter

    This SPF protection cream is absolutely amazing! I’ve been using this cream for a long time after finishing any treatment, it’s very light and pleasant. And after applying this cream to the skin, clients definitely ask about it. Suitable for all skin types, use at any time of the year. Protects against the appearance of pigmentation, and helps to combat existing pigmentation. I recommend this cream/emulsion both for home care and for work

  7. Laetitia Llorja (verified owner)

    I love the consistency and product but would change the packaging

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