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200 ml

  • Decreases skin acidity level efficiently 
  • Degreases skin before a peel procedure
  • Prepares skin for a course of peelings
  • Prevents skin from developing inflammations
  • Produced in Israel

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Pre-peeling degreasing lotion is a must-have product in every chemical peel procedure for all skin types including sensitive skin. It works as a degreaser dissolving lipids on skin surface before an application of a chemical solution that potentiates deep penetration of acids. It perfectly prepares skin for following active influence: degreasing skin, acidifying the pH environment of skin, preventing inflammatory reaction from progressing, performing keratolytic action to smoothen skin. 

Thanks to AHA and BHA acids — glycolic(5%), lactic(2%), salicylic(1%), phytic (1%), citric; and due to plant and fruit extracts it decreases inflammation, provides antiseptic and bactericidal action, and performs as mild keratolytic.

This lotion is used to cleanse skin before peeling as well as at home for complex problem skincare in the evening.

  •     in every peel  procedure
  •     to dry up oily skin with acne
  •     as a complex supporting course in a home care between peel procedures


GLYCOLIC ACID is the most effective of all AHA acids due to its low molecular weight, which makes it one of the most effective acids in anti-age treatments. It is able to penetrate all layers of the epidermis, down to the dermis, with a multifunctional effect on the skin: 

Exfoliating – breaks the bonds between corneous scales, which helps exfoliate them. It loosens the keratinized mouths of the sebaceous glands, facilitating the evacuation of the contents of the sebaceous ducts.

Rejuvenating – stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, activates the synthesis of collagen. Improvement of synthetic processes in the dermal layer leads to thickening of the dermis and improvement of the structure of the intercellular matrix.

Moisturizing – stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the epidermal and dermal layers, which binds and retains water in the skin, increasing its level of hydration and reducing transepidermal moisture loss.

Anti-inflammatory: glycolic acid’s antioxidant properties allow it to act on inflammatory mediators, reducing their production.

It also eliminates hyperkeratosis, normalizes the sebum secretion due to the indirect influence on the differentiation of keratinocytes, which allows use it in the protocols of acne treatment, elimination of hyperpigmentation of any genesis.

LACTIC ACID is one of the components of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of the skin. It belongs to the class of AHA acids but it has a very mild exfoliating power without stressing the protective and metabolic processes in the skin. Due to the delicate influence on the thickness of the stratum corneum, lactic acid reduces the epidermis regeneration cycle to its physiological norm, which helps to eliminate peeling and improve the appearance of aging skin. 

Penetrating into the epidermis, lactic acid binds and retains moisture, redistributes it and directs it to the deeper skin layers, ensuring a balanced hydration process. In addition, lactic acid has a stimulating effect on fibroblasts and hyaluronic acid synthesis. Lactic acid is also involved in strengthening the barrier functions of the skin, contributing to the production of ceramides to restore the lipid barrier of the skin, preventing excessive moisture loss. Using lactic acid increases the amount of ceramides in the stratum corneum by 48%. 

It has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and keratolytic properties, evens out skin microrelief, eliminates dull skin color and smoothes fine lines. Helps to improve skin elasticity and turgor, has a sebo-regulating effect. Lactic acid does not irritate melanocytes, which allows using it all-season without complications to combat hyperpigmentation of any genesis.

SALICYLIC ACID promotes the exfoliation of the upper layer, softens the contents of sebaceous plugs and facilitates their removal to the surface of the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and accelerates the healing process. Thanks to its lipophilicity it penetrates deeply into the pilosebaceous structures where it has keratolytic, sebo-regulating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is the most effective in acne treatment protocols. It has no photosensitizing effect on melanocytes, which allows the procedure to be performed without regard to seasonality.

PHYTHINIC ACID – has excellent lightening and antioxidant properties. It is able to deactivate the activity of tyrosinase enzyme, thus blocking the formation of melanin. Phytic acid also has active chelating properties against free ions of heavy metals, combining them and reducing the aggressive free-radical impact. Phytic acid, in combination with glycolic and lactic acids, has a bright rejuvenating effect on the skin.

In the peel procedure: 

After cleansing the skin (with P171 Ultra-Norm Cleansing Gel or P172 Comfort Cleansing Mousse), degrease the skin and lower the pH for deeper and more even acid penetration with Pre-peeling Degreasing Lotion.

In home care: 

As a pre-peeling preparation for 14 days prior to the procedure, use the lotion in the evening.

In the complex care for problem skin, apply a course of up to 1 month daily in the evening.


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