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50 ml

  • All-season peel with instant result
  • Revitalisation and regeneration of skin 
  • Peel with no rehabilitation period
  • For all skin types even for sensitive skin 
  • Express care, immediate appearance improvement
(6 customer reviews)

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Universal combination all-season peel with instant complex result: skin relief is improved, fine lines are smoothed, skin firmness and moisture are increased,  skin complexion and appearance are significantly improved. Due to unique formula and comfortable pH (3.3) this peel is absolutely safe and delicate as well as effective. It can be used even for most sensitive skin with couperosis signs. Revitalizing peel (“bridal peel”) does not require preparation. Unique acid combination with regenerative components makes post-peel period free of flaking. This peel is recommended as a start for a course of peels.

Almond acid improves skin relief. Glycolic and lactic acids have anti-age action, retain moisture in tissues and make skin complexion lighter. Amino acid arginine and allantoine restore epidermis and NMF skin balance.

Peel can be used for sensitive skin. It has gel texture and is comfortable in application as it does not run. Use 1.5 ml in one procedure. First exposition is 3 minutes. Time of application may be extended with every next procedure up to 10 minutes.

  • to prepare skin before more aggressive peels 
  • to improve microrelief 
  • to care for dry and sensitive skin 
  • to care for skin with first signs of ageing 
  • as an express care with WOW-effect
  • Acute infectious diseases
  • Pregnancy, lactation

ARGININ is an amino acid that stimulates the production of growth hormone, receptors to which are also on the surface of fibroblasts, respectively increasing the synthesis of cells’ own collagen. Promotes skin elasticity, helps regeneration and healing of tissues, visibly improves the complexion. Inhibits the process of pigmentation formation. 

GLYCOLIC ACID is the most effective of all AHA acids due to its low molecular weight, which makes it one of the most effective among acids in anti-age procedures. It is able to penetrate all layers of the epidermis, right down to the dermis, with a multifunctional effect on the skin: 

Exfoliating – breaks the bonds between corneous scales, which helps exfoliate them. It loosens the keratinized mouths of the sebaceous glands, facilitating the evacuation of the contents of the sebaceous ducts.

Rejuvenating – stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, activates the synthesis of collagen. Improvement of synthetic processes in the dermal layer leads to thickening of the dermis and improvement of the structure of the intercellular matrix.

Moisturizing – stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the epidermal and dermal layers, which binds and retains water in the skin, increasing its level of hydration and reducing transepidermal moisture loss.

Anti-inflammatory: glycolic acid’s antioxidant properties allow it to act on inflammatory mediators, reducing their production.

It also eliminates hyperkeratosis, normalizes the sebum secretion due to the indirect influence on the differentiation of keratinocytes, which allows use it in the protocols of acne treatment, elimination of hyperpigmentation of any genesis.

MANDELIC ACID has the largest molecular weight, that gently smoothing the microrelief of the stratum corneum without falling through into the underlying skin layers. By breaking up the protein bonds between the keratinocytes it creates conditions for more even penetration of the other peeling components. 

LACTIC ACID is one of the components of the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) of the skin. It belongs to the class of AHA acids but it has a very mild exfoliating power without stressing the protective and metabolic processes in the skin. Due to the delicate influence on the thickness of the stratum corneum, lactic acid reduces the epidermis regeneration cycle to its physiological norm, which helps to eliminate peeling and improve the appearance of aging skin. 

Penetrating into the epidermis, lactic acid binds and retains moisture, redistributes it and directs it to the deeper skin layers, ensuring a balanced hydration process. In addition, lactic acid has a stimulating effect on fibroblasts and hyaluronic acid synthesis. Lactic acid is also involved in strengthening the barrier functions of the skin, contributing to the production of ceramides to restore the lipid barrier of the skin, preventing excessive moisture loss. Using lactic acid increases the amount of ceramides in the stratum corneum by 48%. 

It has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and keratolytic properties, evens out skin microrelief, eliminates dull skin color and smoothes fine lines. Helps to improve skin elasticity and turgor, has a sebo-regulating effect. Lactic acid does not irritate the melanocytes, which allows using it in all seasons without complications to combat hyperpigmentation of any genesis.

ALLANTOINE has an active emollient and healing effect, activates cell regeneration due to cell proliferation. Softening the stratum corneum, allantoin stimulates the removal of keratinized cells, thereby effectively preventing the clogging of pores and the formation of inflammatory elements. The moisturizing and soothing properties of allantoin provide protection for the skin in a highly aggressive environment.

SALICYLIC ACID helps to exfoliate the upper layer, softens the contents of sebaceous plugs and facilitates their removal to the surface of the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and accelerates the healing process. Thanks to its lipophilicity it penetrates deeply into the pilosebaceous structures where it has keratolytic, sebo-regulating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is the most effective in acne treatment protocols. It has no photosensitizing effect on melanocytes, which allows the procedure to be carried out without regard to seasonality.

The peel for sensitive skin has a gel texture and is comfortable in application as it does not run. Consumption for one procedure is 1.5 ml. The first exposure time is 3 minutes. With each subsequent session, you can increase the exposure time up to 10 minutes.

6 reviews for PEEL-EXPERT LIGHT

  1. Elen Murray

    Excellent peeling, suitable even for the most sensitive skin! Even for skin with couperosis. No rehabilitation period. Results are visible after the first treatment. I recommend it!

  2. Lauren Sandra Hagan

    My first experience with this line started with the peeling light. I use it after mechanical cleansing and on sensitive skin. The results are always great. Now it’s just a love for the whole products of the reNeo Cosmetics!

  3. Amanda Lewis

    My favorite peeling for sensitive skin! After the first procedure I can see the result. I use it after cleansing, everything is super!

  4. Charlotte Payne

    I love this peeling. As a weekend treatment it’s super!

  5. Kendra Frary

    It’s fantastic! No rehabilitation. I’m getting high from it after the cleansing. Combo treatment is great. Thank you.

  6. Gayna Bunkers

    One of my favorite peels. Removes redness from the skin after cleansing, is pleasant to work with and has no negative side effects

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