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200 ml

  • Quick neutralization of АНА and ВНА 
  • Additional soothing action for irritated skin 
  • Produced in Israel


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This lotion neutralizes activity of AHA and BHA. It  restores normal skin pH after aggressive influence of chemical peel. Allantoin provides quick skin restoration and regeneration after damaging action of acids.  

In Derma Series procedure protocol after the exposure of the peeling it is necessary to remove excess acid with a wet sponge, and then use a neutralizer to completely stop the acid action on the skin surface. For sensitive skin the neutralization should be done without contact with water.


To neutralize acids during chemical peel procedure.

ALLANTOIN has an active emollient and healing effect, activates cell regeneration through cell proliferation. By softening the stratum corneum, allantoin stimulates the removal of keratinized cells, thereby effectively preventing the clogging of pores and the formation of inflammatory elements. The moisturizing and soothing properties of allantoin protect the skin against aggressive environmental conditions.

SODIUM CARBONATE neutralizes the activity of AHA and BHA, restores the normal pH of the skin after chemical peeling.

After the exposure of the peel, remove the excess acid with a wet sponge, and then use a neutralizer to completely stop the acid action on the skin surface. Tonify the skin.


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