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Cleansing is the first and very important stage of skin care procedures both in the cosmetologist’s cabin and in daily home care. Do not use micellar water in professional procedures. Give preference to cleansing gels/foams/milks and use tonic afterwards to restore pH level of the skin.

ReNeo cosmetics cleansers carefully dissolve and remove makeup, dirt and impurities whilst preparing your skin for the rest of your routine. Our vegan cleansing gel, mousse and milk are specially formulated for a range of complexions. This means no matter your skin type, you can find the perfect cleanser to complement your skincare routine.

Follow up with a toner to complete your skin preparation and ensure that skin is balanced and perfectly purified. ReNeo cosmetics tonics restore the pH of the skin and provide moisturising and softening, or seboregulation, anti-inflammatory effect, narrowing of pores.

Choose P200 SOFT-PEELING ENZYME MASK for deeper cleansing of the skin and leveling of the skin microrelief. This enzymatic peel with a soft creamy texture is the most comfortable exfoliator for sensitive skin. It is suitable for skin with signs of couperosis and can be used as a mask, exfoliant or gommage.

Order P100 DEEP-CLEANSING JELLY MASK to open pores and soften comedones before a deep facial cleansing procedure. This cold hydrogenation gel absorbs impurities that reside deep within the pores and helps to open the pores prior to cosmetic procedures for thorough skin cleansing. It is suitable for both manual and ultrasonic face cleansing.


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