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200 ml

  • Seboregulation 
  • Pores contraction
  • Anti-inflammatory and calming action   
  • Produced in France
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Refreshing toner for oily skin is rich in active ingredients and has a sebum regulating action. The product perfectly tightens pores and normalizes skin sebum production. It produces a light exfoliating effect and smoothes skin relief. The toner stimulates skin natural bactericidal protection mechanisms and decreases  inflammation, keeping the skin well hydrated. The toner’s light aroma leaves a fresh sensation on skin. 

Zinc PCA and salicylic acid  regulate sebaceous glands activity and perform light keratolytic action. Lime extract with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties performs antioxidant skin protection. Aloe Vera perfectly hydrates and soothes skin. 

  •     for everyday care for skin prone to oiliness 
  •     for a problem skin care, for acne prevention
  •     for a combination skin care during spring-summer period

ALOE VERA is a unique component containing many biologically active substances. It has active cleansing, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, antioxidant and regenerating properties. The polysaccharides contained in the extract have a moisturizing effect, effectively retaining moisture on the skin surface and preventing its evaporation. Aloe vera contributes to the formation of protein metallothionein in the skin that prevents the development of hypersensitivity to UV rays. Gibberellin is a growth hormone that activates cell regeneration and stimulates fibroblast activity. The regenerating effect of aloe vera is also due to its rich complex of amino acids, the building material for skin cells.

VITAMIN B5 (PANTENOL) soothes the skin, stimulates its regeneration, normalizes cell metabolism and increases the strength of collagen fibers.

VITAMIN E (TOCOPHEROL) participates in tissue respiration processes, supports the immune system (including skin barrier immunity), protecting the reproduction of immune cells. It is necessary for the stabilization of biological membranes. By slowing down the process of peroxide lipid formation, it restores their structure and function. It is a powerful antioxidant. Participating in reactions with lipids, it forms a low-energy tocopherol radical, which by itself does not promote prolonged chain reactions with membrane lipids, but can restore its antioxidant properties with other antioxidants, such as vitamin C. It preserves and enhances the effect of vitamin C on the skin, strengthens the hydrolipid mantle and is a natural sunscreen, protecting the skin from UV rays and slowing down the aging process. Vitamin E is an irreplaceable component of eyelash care. It activates the processes of growth and regeneration, affecting hair follicles and prevents hair breakage by providing antioxidant protection.

SALICYLIC ACID promotes the exfoliation of the upper layer, softens the contents of sebaceous plugs and facilitates their removal to the surface of the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and accelerates the healing process. Thanks to its lipophilicity it penetrates deeply into the pilosebaceous structures where it has keratolytic, sebo-regulating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is the most effective in acne treatment protocols. It has no photosensitizing effect on melanocytes, which allows for a season-free treatment.

ZINC PCA, a zinc salt of pyrrolidone carboxylic acid, is a multifunctional natural ingredient with sebo corrective, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

KEY LIME EXTRACT has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antimicrobial properties. Due to its rich vitamin antioxidant composition, it improves all metabolic processes. Perfectly tones the skin and narrows the pores.

Apply to the face and neck area with a cotton pad after washing and removing make-up.


  1. Rose Evans

    Great product for oily, problematic skin, works 100%, in a month of use pores have narrowed, less inflammatory elements, skin is smooth and velvety. Top for its money ????????????

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