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100 ml

  • Intense drying and bactericidal action
  • Resorption effect for infiltrates 
  • Tissue regeneration  
  • Produced in Israel
(4 customer reviews)

Only cosmetologists after registration and attaching diploma can buy the product!

Irreplaceable product in care for problem skin with rashes! It performs a double impact on inflammations: dissolves infiltrates and dries out pimples. This SOS-product improves skin regeneration and skin microcirculation. It guarantees a highly effective action in every stage of the inflammation process!

High concentrated sulfur and zinc act perfectly  against subcutaneous tick – demodex. Niacinamide and rosemary extract improve regeneration and microcirculation that prevent the appearance of congestive post-inflammatory spots – post-acne.

Needs to be well shaken before application! It is perfect to be used in  professional care after extraction, as well as in home care in the evening, according to professional recommendations. 

  • as a local solution for inflammation areas
  • after a mechanical peel 
  • to dry up excessively oily skin with acne 

VITAMIN B3 (NIACINAMIDE) is a powerful regulator of cellular metabolism. It increases the synthesis of ceramides and free fatty acids in the epidermis, thus restoring the disturbed lipid barrier and moisture balance in the skin, increasing the skin’s barrier function. It acts as an antioxidant, protecting cell DNA from UV damage.  Niacinamide is a derivative of nicotinic acid and is very effective against hyperpigmentation by lightning and evening out skin tone. Niacinamide is a water-soluble form of vitamin B3. It is very effective against acne and post-acne. It has an anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting the activity of 3-5-cAMP-phosphodiesterase, inhibiting the synthesis of triglycerides in sebocytes. 

CAMPHORA has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, preventing the appearance of new rashes. It has a resolving effect on papules and subcutaneous infiltrates, stimulates blood circulation, which is effective in the fight against vascular post acne.

ZINC OXIDE is an excellent antiseptic and drying agent, a natural UV filter. 

SULFUR is an active ingredient in the regulation of sebaceous glands. It has a keratolytic effect, reducing excessive keratinization around the sebaceous ducts and inflammatory elements. Sulfur has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, inhibiting inflammatory mediators and reducing lipid peroxidation. It has an anti demodicosis effect. In addition, sulfur is actively involved in the synthesis of connective tissue, stimulates regeneration processes and improves skin turgor.

ROSMARINE EXTRACT is a mega-antioxidant. This activity of rosemary is due to the high content of phenolic diterpenes, carnosol and carnosic acid, which have the unique ability to continuously participate in the neutralization of excessive free radicals. It allows you to reduce the permeability of the lipid barrier and increase the barrier function of the skin. The antimicrobial action of rosemary is due to a high concentration of phytoncides.

After performing a mechanical or hardware cleansing, apply the product to the entire face, enhance the effect with a darsonvalization procedure. Then it is possible to perform a Jacques massage.

In home care – apply at night dotting inflammatory elements.

4 reviews for LOCAL SOS-SOLUTION

  1. Laura Andrews

    I take “sos-solution” to my cabin, use it after cleansing under darsonval, also give it to my clients at home. Everyone likes it very much, even my teenage daughter appreciated it. Most of all, I like that the product absorbs infiltrates, which are so difficult to deal with. Perfectly reduces inflammation and dries. I recommend it

  2. Caitlin Knight

    The “SOS-solution” is loved by my clients and family. I take 200ml and 15ml volumes both and it dries inflammation and removes redness very well. I recommend it!

  3. Maryam Carr

    I get a 15 ml “”sos-solution”” for my clients for home skin-care – the product is so useful, my clients are very happy, it dries fast and well, has an anti-inflammatory effect, does not dehydrate, is very comfortable to use for a long time – I recommend it!)

  4. Emily Cross

    I really like this product. I take it for clients for home treatment and for myself. The result is not long in coming. It dries and accelerates the healing of skin rashes, so I recommend it.

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