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Active mask and targeted serum are the basis of any professional skin care procedure.

In the assortment of reNeo cosmetics, you will find professional cream and alginate masks for the various needs of the skin of your patients: for dry skin, for oily, problematic skin, breakouts, for dull skin, with the first signs of ageing, for complex anti-ageing procedures.

Alginate masks are a great way to give your skin an extra special boost of nourishment, smoothing and hydration. Also, these masks improve the degree of penetration of active substances applied under the mask itself.

Alginate masks of reNeo cosmetics contain targeted action components, have a uniform thick texture when stirring and a convenient plasticizing time. They provide high-quality occlusion and an immediate visible result of the procedure. Each reNeo cosmetics alginate mask has its own advantages, choose according to the indications of your patients or combine in procedures:

  • P131 POLYPEPTIDE ALGAE MASK – warm alginate, as comfortable as possible for the client. Anti-ageing mask with a powerful lifting effect, skin saturation with phospholipids and phosphoproteins ⠀⠀
  • P106 LUXE AGE PEARLY ALGAE MASK – powerful regenerating anti-ageing effect, nourishment and natural glow of the skin. Contains 100% natural pearl powder
  • P208 ANTI-WRINKLE ALGAE MASK – an alginate mask with a triple effect on wrinkles: smoothing, filling, lifting. Anti-wrinkle face mask provides hydration and mineralization of the dermis, prolonging the effect of botulinum therapy

Choose reNeo cosmetics cream masks according to indications and skin type and prescribe to patients for home care:

  • P135 HYDRA-HELP MASK – moisturising face mask to restore the hydrobalance of the skin. This mask for sensitive skin, for dry and dehydrated skin provides a long-lasting deep moisturising effect. Indispensable in peeling procedures, with sudden changes in climatic conditions.
  • P212 SEBO-NORM MASK – green clay face mask for oily skin provides complex seboregulation, anti-inflammatory effect, narrowing of pores. This antibacterial face mask has a therapeutic effect on problematic skin.
  • P189 SOFT BALANCING CLAY MASK – nourishing face mask to restore the lipid barrier of the epidermis. Provides detox, skin lightening. To eliminate irritation, peeling, for dull tired skin. Suitable for all skin types.


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