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400 g

  • Warm algae mask
  • Powerful lifting and hydration effect 
  • Ideal consistency and plastification time 
  • Produced in France
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Mineralizing and nourishing plasticizing mask  is a perfect stimulator in the active phase of professional face skin care. Due to occlusion main active ingredients penetrate deep into skin and perform effectively. Plastification of the mask guarantees lifting effect and instant result

Alginate mask with sturgeon roe extract nourishes skin with phospholipids restoring its lipidic barrier and improving skin cellular membrane structure. Mask alginates provide hydration, smoothness and rejuvenation. To create a homogenous mixture, mix 30g of powder with 90g of warm water (45° Celsius). This will provide comfort and pleasant warmth during the procedure. After 20-30 minutes of application remove it as one piece.

  • For dull complexion 
  • For atonic, dehydrated skin 
  • For skin with vivid ageing signs 
  • After aggressive environmental influence

ALGINATE is a salt of alginic acid (from kelp algae), which has the unique ability to bind a huge number of water molecules. Compounds based on alginic acid, due to their powerful ability to absorb, improve cell respiration, contribute to saturation of cells with oxygen. Salts of alginic acid bind excessive amounts of class E immunoglobulins, preventing the development of allergic reactions, and also stimulate the synthesis of class A immunoglobulins, providing local antibacterial skin protection.

BLACK CAVIAR EXTRACT – a nutrient complex containing omega-3 fatty acids, valuable trace elements (sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron), vitamins A, D, E, F, phospholipids and phosphoproteins. All these components are highly stable and are powerful antioxidants. Phospholipids perform a structural function, participating in the construction and renewal of cell membranes. Together with unsaturated fatty acids they increase sensitivity and permeability of cell membranes for better penetration of nutrients and vitamins into the cell as well as for normal excretion of waste products. Phospholipids are actively involved in the synthesis of ceramides, thus strengthening the natural barrier function of the skin. Phosphoproteins play an important role in regulating cellular metabolism. They contain organically bound labile phosphate which is necessary for the cell to perform its biological functions. In the breakdown of phosphoproteins released amino acids are involved in the synthesis of proteins, and also retain water in the stratum corneum of the epidermis, improving the “work” of the natural moisturizing factor.

Mix 30g of powder and 90g of warm water (45oC). This will ensure comfort and pleasant warmth during the procedure. Stir very quickly, until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Use a trowel to apply the mask to the face, moving along the massage lines. After 15 minutes of exposure remove the mask from the face in one movement, from the bottom of the chin upwards to the forehead. Remove the rest of the mask with a damp sponge, tone it down.


  1. Jessica Spencer

    I often use this mask after a facial massage. The clients really like it, especially when it’s cold – it’s warm and comfortable. The mask is easy to apply, doesn’t roll off the face, and works great. I recommend it!

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