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The skin around the eyes is several times thinner than the skin of the entire face, it has almost no sebaceous glands, it is the first one to signal age changes and the first one to react to the negative effects of the environment and irritation. Regular use of under eye cream or serum will allow the skin to better cope with stress, keep it fresh and look good even after a sleepless night or a working day at the computer. It addresses all the common problems, and it is a perfect solution for those looking to strengthen and protect their eye area.

reNeo cosmetics skincare products are designed for comprehensive care of the eye area. They contain peptide complexes, valuable oils and provide a solution to the most common problems – puffiness, wrinkles, dryness, drooping of the upper eyelid. Choose reNeo cosmetics MATRIX EYE CREAM for professional treatments and for daily home care to protect the delicate skin under the eyes and reduce the signs of ageing.


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