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400 g

  • Powerful regenerating anti-age effect
  • Moisturizing and mineralizing of the dermis
  • Nourish the skin and give it an instant glow
  • Produced in France
(6 customer reviews)

Only cosmetologists after registration and attaching diploma can buy the product!

Gifts of the ocean – algae and pearls in an alginate anti-age mask with a regenerating effect! This is a complete saturation of the skin with antioxidants, replenishment of its hydroreserve, instant moisturizing and toning. The mask helps to activate the regenerative functions of the skin cells and strengthen the basic structural elements of the dermis.

After applying the mask, the skin becomes amazingly smooth and shiny like the rarest pearl!

  • In complex care for mature skin
  • To correct signs of dehydrated skin
  • For instant shine effect on the skin

ALGINATE – salts of alginic acid extracted by acid treatment from brown kelp algae. These algae are the only natural source of alginic acid, which has the unique ability to bind huge amounts of water molecules. In fact, it is a high molecular weight polysaccharide with high hyaluronic acid content. Compounds based on alginic acidimprove cell respiration and contribute to their saturation with oxygen due to their powerful absorption capacity. Alginic acid salts bind an excess amount of class E immunoglobulins, preventing the development of allergic reactions, and also stimulating the synthesis of class A immunoglobulins, providing local antibacterial skin protection.

100% NATURAL PEARL POWDER – the richest source of conchiolin – a precious protein necessary for the active synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. Due to the highest content of amino acids, it helps to replenish the amino acid reserve of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor. Pearl powder is saturated with more than 30 microelements, which are necessary for cellular metabolism. It facilitates the process of cell renewal, promotes the synthesis of natural antioxidants – superoxide dismutase and glutathione. Indirectly reduces the activity of tyrosinase, which prevents the formation of melanin. It makes the skin smooth and shiny.

Mix 90 ml of room temperature water with 30 g of powder to create a homogeneous mixture. Apply the mask with a spatula to the face area, moving along the massage lines. Leave the mask for 15 minutes. Remove it as one piece from bottom to top.


  1. Rachel Hemmingsley

    I use the mask in my work with ageing clients. it creates a good occlusion. Visible lifting effect after the first treatment. Modulates the facial oval. The skin is fresh and fuller.

  2. Gemma Louise Carney

    This alginate mask is great, everyone who has tried it in my cabin comes back for the next dose of a beautiful and elastic face. thank you!

  3. Phoebe Turner

    My clients really like this mask. It has a WOW-effect, moisturizes well, and soothes the skin.

  4. Maria Riley

    I recently bought this alginate mask and already fell in love with it! It really is a miracle product for the face, small wrinkles are almost evened out, the skin on the face is firmer and tighter, the face shape is sharper, the lifting effect is immediately noticeable. My clients are very happy with the effect of this mask and I rejoice with them because I can see the result on their faces!

  5. Amber Robinson

    Clients really like this alginate mask. I use it after microcurrents, it moisturizes well.

  6. Lynn Gledhill

    The mask is very good, it moisturizes the skin perfectly

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