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50 ml

  • Peeling without rehabilitation period
  • Complex anti-age effect: intensive lightening, revitalization and lifting
  • Antioxidant cell protection
  • Produced in Spain
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Combined peeling with a balanced complex of acids. Retinol and resorcinol provide multifunctional anti-age treatment: lightening of age spots of any genesis, aligning skin microrelief, smoothing wrinkles and increasing tissue tension. Additional extracts of plants and fermented oils restore the skin protective function, soften it, provide anti-inflammatory effect and enhance the skin natural radiance.

Due to its balanced composition and comfortable pH (3.0) the peeling does not require rehabilitation period. When applied it causes only a slight tingling sensation, it is well tolerated even by patients with sensitive skin.

It is recommended to use as the second step in PEEL-EXPERT procedure – after the treatment with peeling PEEL-EXPERT LIGHT.

The first exposure time is 5 minutes. With each subsequent session you can increase the exposure time up to 15 minutes. Wash off with water or NEUTRALIZER.

For professional use only.

Consumption for the procedure is 1,5 ml.

Use in case of:

– Hyperpigmentation
– Photoaging
– Age-related changes and fine lines
– Dry and dehydrated skin

Active ingredients:

– Lactic acid 9%
– Kojic acid 2%
– Glutathione
– Retinol
– Complex of fermented oils
– Licorice root extract

KOJIC ACID – is a mild tyrosinase inhibitor. Blocks the proliferation and synthetic capabilities of melanocytes previously damaged by UV radiation or trauma. It has a binding effect on divalent iron ions required for melanin synthesis.

LACTIC ACID – is one of the components of the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) of the skin. It belongs to the class of AHA acids but it has a very mild exfoliating power without stressing the protective and metabolic processes in the skin. Due to the delicate influence on the thickness of the stratum corneum, lactic acid reduces the epidermis regeneration cycle to its physiological norm, which helps to eliminate peeling and improve the appearance of aging skin.

Penetrating into the epidermis, lactic acid binds and retains moisture, redistributes it and directs it to the deeper skin layers, ensuring a balanced hydration process. In addition, lactic acid has a stimulating effect on fibroblasts and hyaluronic acid synthesis. Lactic acid is also involved in strengthening the barrier functions of the skin and production of ceramides to restore the lipid barrier of the skin that prevents excessive moisture loss. Lactic acid increases the number of ceramides in the stratum corneum by 48%.

It has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and keratolytic properties, evens out skin microrelief, eliminates dull skin color and smoothes fine lines. Helps to improve skin elasticity and turgor, has a sebo-regulating effect. Lactic acid does not irritate melanocytes, which allows it to be used in all seasons without complications to fight skin hyperpigmentation of any genesis.

LACTIC ACID ROOT EXTRACT – has the unique ability to reduce the appearance of bioactive inflammatory mediators. An indispensable ingredient for the care of sensitive skin prone to couperose and rosacea. It soothes and calms the skin in all kinds of irritation and inflammation, relieves itching, redness and peeling. Due to the high content of rutin, that  has a strengthening effect on the vascular walls. Reduces vascular fragility and improves  blood circulation, what increases the flow of useful substances to the basal cells of the epidermis. Licorice root extract has a light brightening effect: it slows down the release of melanin into the upper layers of the epidermis.

GLUTATHIONE – is one of the most powerful natural “whiteners” of the skin, widely popular in Asian countries. It perfectly lightens age spots with its excellent antioxidant properties: it provides a “detox” of the dermis and epidermis from free radicals and toxins, which are one of the causes of age spots and melanoderma. Glutathione is an indispensable natural regulator of physiological cellular functions.

RETINOL – is an active component of anti-age therapy. With the help of alcohol dehydrogenase it is oxidized in the skin into retinoic acid and helps to reduce age spots. By accelerating the renewal of epidermal cells, it reduces the contact time between keratinocytes and melanocytes and activates the loss of pigment during epidermal cell maturation. By stimulating growth factor beta and procollagen, retinol simultaneously blocks collagen-degrading enzymes and prevents the oxidative process. Retinol influences the expression of genes responsible for cell differentiation and proliferation, thus accelerating skin regeneration.

4-BUTYLRESORCINOL – is the safest, hypoallergenic form of resorcinol: it retains its spectacular lightening properties without the irritating effects of standard resorcinol! It blocks the synthesis of melanin, significantly reduces the appearance of age spots and smoothes uneven skin texture.

FERMENTOIL COMPLEX – is a cocktail of precious olive, sweet almond and apricot kernel oils, obtained by fermentation with the help of the bacterium Pseudozyma Epicola. The fermented oil is characterized by an increased content of free fatty acids, active polyphenols, it also has an increased penetration capacity and is more intensely absorbed by the skin.

Peeling for skin’s shine has a gel texture.

It is recommended to use as the second step in PEEL-EXPERT procedure – after the treatment with peeling PEEL-EXPERT LIGHT.

The first exposure time is 5 minutes. With each subsequent session you can increase the exposure time up to 15 minutes. Wash off with water or NEUTRALIZER.

For professional use only.

Consumption for the procedure is 3 ml.

3 reviews for PEEL-EXPERT SHINE

  1. Kelly Marie Biggs

    This is exactly the kind of peel I’ve been looking for a long time. It totally lives up to its name. I’m very happy to have one more favourite from this company))

  2. Heidi Webster

    This peel is my favourite. The skin becomes incredibly glowing, the quality of the skin improves noticeably and the great advantage is that this peel is suitable for all skin types and can be combined with various treatments

  3. Penelope Hart

    I love working with this peeling! It works incredibly cool and gives cool results on all skin types! It smoothes out fine lines and makes my skin glow!

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