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50 ml

  • All-season acid peel
  • Elimination of hyperkeratosis of any kind
  • First peel at the beginning of the course (no preparation needed)
  • Ideal peel even for sensitive skin
(2 customer reviews)

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All-season acid peel (рН 1.9) with 40% almond acid provides powerful keratolytic action. It improves skin relief and complexion, makes the skin lighter, performs seboregulating and anti-inflammatory actions.
Almond acid has a macromolecular structure and performs greatly on a skin surface. It mildly peels dead skin cells and does not penetrate deep epidermis layers. Almond peel is ideal to be used even for reactive sensitive skin with signs of rosacea. It perfectly prepares skin for more aggressive procedures.

Rehabilitation period takes from 3 to 5 days and depends on pre-peel preparation, skin condition and its resources. During this period it is important to use sunscreen and to avoid active insolation. The client will feel a significant improvement in skin condition and will see the aesthetic effect.

This peel with a gel texture does not run and is comfortable in use.
Use 1.5 ml in one procedure. Time of application may be extended with every next procedure from 3 up to 7 minutes. This peel needs to be neutralized!
In the course of peels it can be used even in the first procedure for dense skin with vivid pores and couperosis. If the skin has a low regeneration potential, it is recommended to start with M304 Peel-Expert Light, then proceed to M310 Peel-Expert M.


Microrelief improvement is needed
Photo damage
First ageing signs
Propensity for rashes
As a part of complex programs for problem skin correction
Preparation before more aggressive peels


Acute infectious diseases
Pregnancy, lactation

MANDELIC ACID has the largest molecular weight, that gently smooths the microrelief of the stratum corneum without sinking into the underlying skin layers. Breaking protein bonds between keratinocytes creates conditions for more even penetration of other peeling components.

This peel has a gel texture and is easy to use. Consumption for one procedure is 1.5 ml. The exposure time can increase with every additional session in the course – from 3 to 7 minutes. The peel requires neutralization!

2 reviews for PEEL-EXPERT M

  1. Melissa Campbell

    Peeling works well with its tasks and is very convenient to apply ❤️️

  2. Rose Evans

    The effect of peeling is excellent, the result is immediately visible. It is easy to apply.

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