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To keep up with ever-changing trends in the beauty and healthcare industry, cosmetologists, estheticians, and other professionals are to constantly broaden their outlooks and available set of tools and technologies. Skin care ranges for beauty therapists vary a lot, so the challenge is to locate a universal yet multifaceted training program to simultaneously address different trends and skin concerns.

With the help of online beauty courses, it will be easy to master skills and implement the benefits of the Reneo Cosmetics brand in daily practice. At the Reneo Cosmetics website, specialists can simply access step-to-step guides and procedure videos, compliant with the recommended treatment protocols. In addition, useful thematic videos on current trends and issues in cosmetology are constantly being added. Estheticians can always come back to them later — all video-courses are available 24/7 and free of charge.

Video courses are grouped into thematic sections for easy navigation and more structured learning. For beginner cosmetologists, this format is an excellent addition to the main beautician courses. And for experienced professionals, the Online training section is a convenient way to learn more about the Reneo Cosmetics brand before deciding to start cooperation.

Each thematic section has a test to ensure you have remembered and interpreted the provided materials correctly. After successfully passing the test, you receive a corresponding certificate in your name.

Study online with Reneo Cosmetics anywhere, anytime. Discover online beauty courses and use gained knowledge in your work with benefit for your skincare business.

Topics of the course

  • Combinations of products according to specifics of oily skin (procedure protocol)
  • Acne in the beautician’s cabin
  • Lifting anti-aging care with individual correction of age-related manifestations (procedure protocol)
  • Anti-aging therapy. Diagnosis: aging
  • Recovery care with a corneotherapy effect (procedure protocol)
  • “Delicacies” for the skin: vitamins, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids
  • Sensitive skin syndrome
  • Moisturizing biorevitalizing care with a mio relax effect
  • Conductive serums: care guide
  • Conductive serums: care guide
  • Peels in a comprehensive care program
  • Melanogenesis: 5 key control points
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