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The Reneo Cosmetics assortment is designed to help beauty therapists address different patient requests and concerns. Carefully review the recommended treatment protocols in the Training / Treatment protocols section, create a personal skin care program for each patient. Choose professional facial products for salons according to recommended treatment protocols – from cleansing to finishing cream – and order online.
  • Seboregulation Care for oily skin – includes products for deep cleansing of the face with comedone extraction, as well as products for regular therapeutic care of oily and problematic skin to restore skin sebum balance.
  • Peelings Peel-Expert — these superficial acid peels are great for achieving a smooth and even texture of the skin, smothing fine lines and wrinkles, and achieving its overall brighter complexion.
  • Device-Based Care — use the synergistic interaction of conductive serums and professional skincare modalities to hydrate and revitalize the patient’s skin, to reduce redness and the inflammatory reaction of the skin. This express procedure will perfectly complement  the variety of skin care treatments in your salon, and beauty cabin.
  • Lifting Anti-Aging Care & Luxury Anti Age – these products will help to smooth wrinkles, even out skin tone, and increase its elasticity.
  • Enzyme Peeling: Express Care – for gentle exfoliation, regeneration, and revitalization of the skin.
  • Recovery Care – choose products for nourishing care with a corneotherapy effect to restore the skin’s lipid barrier, and prevent moisture loss.
  • Moisturizing Biorevitalizing Care – for intensive skin hydration: both instant and prolonged. Products included in the treatment will help to smooth wrinkles, stimulate the natural hydroreserves of the skin and give overall comfort.
  • Brightening Regenerating Care – for patients with uneven relief and skin tone, signs of dehydration and hyperkeratosis, pigmentation of various genesis
With Reneo Cosmetics, you won’t find it challenging to choose skin care treatments and products to efficiently address skin concerns of every patient.


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