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Keti Paksashvili

The main problems that one has to face in the beautician’s cabin are puffiness, cellulite, local and total excess fat deposits.

ReNeo cosmetics offers 3 effective body care protocols to solve them. Let’s start with the first – express detox.

It is the procedure that works with puffiness and should be the first in any course of body care procedures.

Puffiness is a consequence of a violation of tissue homeostasis. The osmolarity of the extracellular environment increases, which leads to cell swelling and pastiness.

To reduce volumes, remove excess fluid and restore homeostasis, the Express Detox procedure has been developed.

The procedure is carried out using only three products, has a very favorable production cost and the result is amazing! Be sure to take measurements before and after to assess the effectiveness of the procedure.

The first step of the procedure is exfoliation. Use a creamy exfoliant that gently removes dead skin cells with a help of natural jojoba microgranules. It also contains jojoba oil, which softens and nourishes the skin. Rice starch provides absorption and additional cleansing without compromising the barrier function.

Distribute 15 ml of exfoliant over the body with active massage movements. If the skin is thick with signs of hyperkeratosis, apply the product to dry skin. For sensitive and thin skin, it is best to apply the exfoliant to wet skin. Wash off with warm water.

The exfoliant leaves the skin smooth and ready for subsequent skincare.

After exfoliation, use the 3-salt detox complex, which contains 3 types of salts and 6 aromatic oils! The combination of salts of the different mineral compositions provides intensive detoxification, improving the outflow of stagnant fluid in the tissues. The osmosis process starts: toxins and excess fluid are absorbed from the skin tissues into salt. From the salt, micro and macro elements come to the tissues, which improve homeostasis. Plus 6 essential oils enhance microcirculation in the dermis, the metabolism of all cells, accelerating the process of sweating.

Spread 70 ml of the detox complex evenly over the body surface, wrap the client with foil and a thermal blanket for 40 minutes.

The client will then need to take a shower.

Finish with a silky moisturizing and softening fluid. It has a very light texture and a deliciously delicate aroma. It contains rice bran oil, rice powder, grape seed oil, and a complex of alpine herbs. Thanks to such a rich natural composition, the fluid has a complex effect on the skin, at the same time moisturizing and nourishing it.

The fluid is quickly absorbed, leaves no greasiness and stickiness. Does not cause allergic reactions, suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

ReNeo cosmetics experts recommend a comprehensive approach to body shaping and alternate the express detox procedure with other care programs in the course: SPA-active and Local therapy of problem areas.

You can see detailed protocols of these procedures in our next videos.

Always consolidate the effect of professional procedures with home care.

For areas with an excessive amount of subcutaneous fat, prescribe P319 Thermo-Active Slim Gel for problem areas. It creates a heating effect, directly affects the metabolism of cells, and provides a powerful lipolytic and lymphatic drainage effect. At home, the gel is recommended to be applied locally under the film for 7-10 minutes. Self-massage of local cellulite zones is possible. Warmth and slight redness on the skin disappear within an hour.

Recommend H324 Refreshing Foot Gel for ‘tired legs’. It has a vaso-strengthening and anti-edema effect, gives a feeling of coolness. Thanks to vegetable oils, it additionally has a softening and nourishing effect. The gel has a light texture and is instantly absorbed.

During periods of increased sun exposure, prescribe H221 Milk Lotion SPF 30 for body skincare. It contains the latest generation nanofilters, provides reliable protection against alpha and beta radiation, and with the help of herbal ingredients strengthens the skin, has anti-inflammatory properties, and improves the barrier function of the skin. The milk is perfectly distributed over the skin, absorbs quickly, and is resistant to water and sand. Shake the bottle before use. Repeat the application of the milk on the body every two hours of exposure to active sunlight.

The complex approach to body care from reNeo cosmetics gives lasting and distinct results!

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