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Conductive serums: What? When? For what?

Serums are true assistants in the cosmetologist’s office, designed specifically to increase the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures.

The creation of serums for device-based treatments is based on a well-known and established medical field – physiotherapy, where the influence of all possible ways on mechano-, heat- and baroreceptors gives successful results in the treatment of many pathological conditions not only of the skin, but also of internal organs.
To enhance the effect, medicinal substances are used, which are injected directly into the areas that need it, under the influence of physiotherapeutic methods. Thus, doctors expand their capabilities. And device-based cosmetology is becoming more and more widespread – as an independent express procedure and as one of the stages of complex skincare, using various devices and special equipment.

Why do you need serums in device-based cosmetology?

Undoubtedly, isolated influence of electrical, mechanical, water and other factors has its positive aspects. But the purposeful, targeted impact of device-based treatment in combination with professional cosmetic products, individually selected for each patient, gives more prominent results.
The usage of the devices ensures deeper and faster penetration of active concentrates into the layers of the epidermis. Thus, a more powerful effect is achieved than with the usual surface application of these cosmetics, and they really act as boosters (amplifiers).

Professional device-based cosmetics include:

  • auxiliary products – conductive gels that provide gliding, have good electrical conductivity and act as a contact environment for the cosmetic device
  • medicinal products with targeted action – highly concentrated skincare products aimed at solving various aesthetic problems (wrinkles, age spots, couperosis, acne, hyperkeratosis, dry skin)

The ideal option is when device-based skincare products have combined properties: they simultaneously play the role of a conductor and have a therapeutic or preventive effect. Such conductive serums not only allow to reduce the cost of procedures with greater efficiency, but also are more convenient to work with, and eliminate the risk of incompatibility of two separate products: the conductive gel and the active concentrate of targeted action.

What qualities should conductive serums have?

Conductive serums should have these distinct qualities:

  • Component composition. One of the most important factors is a high concentration of active substances that can be aimed at moisturizing, brightening, and stimulating tissue regeneration.
  • Ionized form. The active concentrate must have good conductivity, such a property can be provided by its base. In this case, water is the most versatile conductor: it does not affect the chemical composition of active components even under intense action by physical factors, which is very important.
  • Gel texture. Of course, the product should be convenient to use and not require additional conductive gels. Therefore, the consistency and texture of the serums should provide easy gliding movements of the sensor and the required time of exposure.

The most important thing for serums is to form a depot in the tissues and act for an extended period of time, while not changing their properties and maintaining their effect.

CONDUCTIVE BOOSTERS from reNeo Cosmetics are active concentrates specially designed to be used with the most common device-based treatments:

  • ultrasound
  • iontophoresis
  • electroporation
  • microcurrents

Each serum has a clearly directed action to solve problems:

All reNeo Cosmetics boosters have:

  • water base
  • gel texture
  • high concentration of active components
  • ionized form
  • economical cost of the procedure
  • do not require additional conductive gels

These conductive serums are fully absorbed into the skin without leaving a film on the face.

Options for using conductive serums

ReNeo Cosmetics serums not only work flawlessly with the popular device-based treatments, but also show high efficiency as independent products (without devices), especially during course usage.

Ways of using serums:

  1. Express procedure (serum under the device + finishing cream)
  2. As an activating serum under a mask (if it is not possible to use the device, you can use serums without it under an alginate peel-off mask – the result is excellent!!!)
  3. For a complex procedure to enhance the targeted effect (at the fourth main or sixth additional stage)
  4. Home skincare based on indications for targeted problem solving

Express procedure with devices and conductive serums have a low cost with high efficiency. In addition to devices, reNeo Cosmetics serums have proven to go perfectly with an alginate peel-off mask, as well as with complementary home skincare for targeted problem solving. Thus, serums are always relevant – this is the easiest and most profitable way to enhance the procedure!

For more details on device-based methods and application of reNeo Cosmetics conductive serums, see the training video here.

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