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Multimasking in the practice of a beauty therapist

What is multimasking?

Multimasking is a method of skin care in which different masks are applied simultaneously to different areas of the face. This approach makes it possible to pay attention to the different needs of the skin on the same face, since different areas of the skin can have different problems.

When should a cosmetologist use multimasking?

Most often, different care for individual areas of the face is used for combination skin:

  • T-zone with increased oiliness and often enlarged pores, prone to rashes – needs deep cleansing, seboregulating, anti-inflammatory action, a matting effect is also often desired
  • the rest of the face is normal or dry skin – moisturizing and nutrition are necessary.

However, mature skin also requires a differentiated approach in the care of different areas of the face. Thus, in the deformational type of aging, there is an excess of superficial fat bags, overstretching of ligaments, sagging of tissues – ptosis. And at the same time, in the area around the eyes there are mimic wrinkles, fine striations of the skin pattern.

How to combine masks in complex anti-age procedures?

There is an excellent solution – it is a combination of Bio-alginate polypeptide mask and Alginate mask with a muscle-relaxing effect. This combination will take care of skin areas that need lifting and areas with high mimic activity.

The warm Bio-alginate polypeptide mask P131 POLYPEPTIDE ALGAE MASK will give an instant lifting effect, thanks to black caviar extract, it will fill the lipid mantle of the skin with phospholipids and unsaturated fatty acids, create an occlusion for deep penetration of all active substances applied during the procedure.

Alginate mask with a muscle-relaxing effect P208 ANTI-WINKLE MASK instantly fills wrinkles, relaxes muscles and strengthens the dermis. Argireline – a biomimetic peptide gives a botox-like effect, which helps to reduce mimic wrinkles, similar to the effect of botox injections. Its work is based on the competitive inhibition of receptors on the postsynaptic membrane. During the activation of this receptor by acetylcholine, the polarization of the muscle fiber changes, and actin begins to slide along the myosin, constant contractions drag the dermis, increasing the depth of wrinkles. Argireline blocks this receptor – physiologically and absolutely safely. Dictyopteris brown algae oil regulates the processes of lipogenesis. Homeostatine strengthens the dermis of the thin skin around the eyes.

And in order to strengthen the moisturizing effect, to fill the water reserve of tissues, it is recommended to add as a base for an alginate mask – Restoring mask for maximum hydration P135 HYDRA-HELP MASK.
This is maintenance of osmobalance in skin cells, stimulation of hyaluronic acid synthesis, retention of moisture in the epidermis thanks to hygroscopic components, restoration of the lipid barrier, creation of a protective film that prevents moisture loss.

Advantages of multimasking in professional procedures

  1. Saving time and cosmetic products
  2. Diversification of procedures, the possibility of combining different texture
  3. Individual approach to each client
  4. Effectiveness due to targeted influence

Use multimasking during the procedure to enhance the effect of the procedures and personalize the approach to your patient.

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