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Enzyme peeling: from theory to practice

The influence of enzymes on the body has been known for a long time. These substances of protein nature are biological catalysts that accelerate all the necessary chemical processes. Scientists have found more than 3,000 types of different enzymes in the human body! In cosmetology protease subclass enzymes are most widely used. Due to their ability to break down proteins, namely the skin protein keratin, proteases have become an integral part of all peeling procedures.

Professional enzymatic care can be performed both in the cabin and at home – it is convenient, fast and always gives instant results.

Why is enzyme peeling good in the practice of a cosmetologist? We’ll highlight three main benefits.


this is the most effective way to create a WOW effect in just one procedure. Due to the thorough exfoliation of dead skin cells, along with the remnants of impurities and sebum, the surface of the skin is evened out, “dullness” is replaced by a healthy skin tone that is significantly lighter than before! And if the enzyme peel contains particles for mechanical exfoliation, the effect will exceed your expectations.


Enzyme peeling can be both an independent express procedure, as well as part of a thorough therapeutic treatment and can be used at the stage of regenerative activation. In this way enzyme peeling, stimulating all processes in the skin, makes it “respond” more actively to the subsequent, the most intensive stages of the procedure.


for a patient with sensitive skin, enzyme peeling is just a salvation! Especially if the enzyme used in peels is papain. It is this enzyme that reduces allergic reactions on the skin, provoked by various antigens.

By the way, enzymes love heat, so to enhance the result, do not forget to use a warm, damp towel during the 5-10-minute peeling exposure.

Thus, the enzymes cause a DELICATE and EFFECTIVE exfoliation and restoration of epidermal cells. Thanks to enzymes, the skin acquires an even tone and a healthy color!

Who is Enzyme Peeling for?

  • for sensitive skin
  • for pregnant women and during lactation
  • how to prepare the skin for invasive procedures:
  • acid peels (promotes even penetration of acids)
  • mesotherapy (increases the effect of active substances)
  • laser procedures (stimulates regeneration, cell renewal and preservation of skin hydration)

What to apply:

  • SOFT-PEELING ENZYME MASK – Enzymatic cream-mask with papaya extract base for smoothing skin microrelief and instant brightening effect. Adjust the intensity and application technique by yourself – exfoliant, mask or gommage.
  • RENEWING ENZYME AHA SERUM. Glycolic acid (5%) activates the synthesis of cytokines that affect the production of structural elements of the dermis, collagen and hyaluronic acid. The plant-based enzyme complex Keratoline contributes to optimal keratinization and an increase in the regenerative functions of the skin.
  • HYDRA-HELP MASK – Revitalizing mask for maximum hydration normalizes the level of hydration of the epidermis, maintains osmobalance in the deep layers of the skin.

Choose high-quality products with a guaranteed effect and enjoy the results

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