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200 ml

  • Intense antifungal effect
  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect
  • Oily scalp control

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Anti-dandruff intense shampoo with antiseptic action directly blocks all the key links of the pathological process. The cause of dandruff is the growth of fungi due to excessive sebum secretion, which serves as an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms. Starts an inflammatory process, waste products cause skin irritation and itching.

Due to the highly effective fungicide Octopirox and antiseptic components, this shampoo blocks the growth of fungi, yeast, and other microorganisms. Sulfur reduces sebum activity and has a mild keratolytic effect. The unique

Tricho-hyal complex improves oxygenation and cell nutrition, increases metabolic activity, prolonging the life of the hair follicles. Menthol has a calming and cooling effect in the application of the product.

  • As a dandruff treatment
  • In case of seborrheic dermatitis
  • In case of excessive oiliness of the scalp

Is a highly effective fungicide with antibacterial activity. It inhibits the synthesis of lipids that are part of the cell membranes of fungi, thus disrupting their vital functions and stopping their reproduction. Fungicide blocks the synthesis of nucleic acids, which leads to disruption of the synthesis of protein structures of microorganisms. Octopirox effectively controls the growth of fungi and directly affects the cause of dandruff. Reduces itching after the first use of the shampoo.

Antiseptic has bactericidal and antifungal action. It blocks the biosynthesis of ergosterol – one of the most important components of cell membranes of microorganisms: the process of tissue respiration of cells is disturbed, the ability to divide decreases. Fungal reproduction stops immediately after the first use.

An active ingredient for the regulation of sebaceous glands activity. It has a keratolytic effect, reducing excessive keratinization around the sebaceous glands and inflammatory elements. Sulfur has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, inhibiting inflammatory mediators and reducing lipid peroxidation. It has an antidemadetic effect. In addition, sulfur is actively involved in the synthesis of connective tissue, stimulates regeneration processes, and improves skin turgor.

Complex saturated with polyphenols surrounded by partially cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which gives a slow release in the tissues and protects the active ingredients from damaging environmental factors. It stimulates regeneration, improves oxygenation and nutrition of cells, increases metabolic activity, and prolongs the life of hair follicles. Polyphenols have a high antioxidant capacity, improve the activity of hair follicle cells and prevent preterm aging of cells.

Double wash: apply to the scalp, foam, hold for 3 minutes and rinse, then repeat the procedure. The course of treatment is prescribed by the doctor individually. In preventive care use no more than twice a week.


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