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200 ml

  • Restoration of hair structure
  • Antistatic effect
  • Does not weigh hair down
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Only cosmetologists after registration and attaching diploma can buy the product!

RICH REVITALIZING CONDITIONER improves the quality of hair, gives it smoothness and healthy shine. It does not weigh hair down, does not make the scalp greasy, and is suitable for all hair types. Due to hydrolyzed keratin, it fills the voids in the damaged shaft, moisturizes, and gives elasticity.

The conditioner has an antistatic effect, restoring the negatively charged surface of damaged hair. Simplifies combing and prevents tangling.

The conditioner is an excellent antiseptic, as it contains dehydroacetic acid, which blocks the growth of fungi immediately after the first use. Tocopherol enhances regeneration, prevents hair breakage, and provides antioxidant protection.

  • In care for all hair types
  • For antistatic effect
  • For moisturizing and restoring hair
  • As a mask in a spa treatment

Chemically broken down into smaller molecules of natural keratin. Maximum enriched with the amino acid cysteine. Due to the cysteine of hydrolyzed keratin molecule is easily integrated into the structure of hair in the area of damage and gives a sufficiently durable restorative effect. Creates a protective film which retains moisture and gives elasticity to the hair. Moisturizing the hair significantly reduces the electrification of the hair, which gives an excellent antistatic effect. Effectively restores hair, improves its appearance, and makes it smooth and shiny.

Antiseptic has bactericidal and antifungal action. It blocks the biosynthesis of ergosterol – one of the most important components of cell membranes of microorganisms: the process of tissue respiration of cells is disturbed, and the ability to divide decreases. Fungal reproduction stops immediately after the first use.

Has a positive charge, due to which it neutralizes the negative surface charge of the skin and hair. Has a conditioning effect. Prevents tangles and makes combing easier. It envelops the hair in a thin film making it less frizzy and smoother.

Participates in tissue respiration processes, supports the immune system (including skin barrier immunity) by protecting the reproduction of immune system cells. This powerful antioxidant is essential for stabilizing biological membranes. By inhibiting the formation of peroxide lipids, it restores their structure and function. By participating in reactions with lipids, it forms a low-energy tocopherol radical, which does not contribute to the continuation of chain reactions with membrane lipids, but can restore its antioxidant properties with the help of other antioxidants, such as vitamin C. Preserves and enhances the effect of vitamin C on the skin and strengthens the hydrolipidic layer. It is a natural sunscreen that protects the skin from UV rays and slows down the aging process. Vitamin E is an indispensable component in the care of eyelashes. It activates the processes of growth and regeneration, affecting the hair follicles, and also prevents their fragility, providing them with antioxidant protection.

Apply to clean wet hair with massaging movements. Then rinse the hair well with water. Do not apply to the scalp. Suitable for daily use.


  1. Stacey Harman

    I bought a hair conditioner for my personal use. I really liked that it doesn’t need to be squeezed out of the tube and doesn’t need to be shaken out, and has a convenient dispenser. It does not weigh the hair, gives it a smooth and healthy shine, does not grease the scalp, moisturizes, gives elasticity. Hair is easy to comb, even porous hair. Gives a beautiful shine, has a pleasant smell. It also has a great smell. I reordered it together with the shampoo. I sincerely recommend it.

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