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100 ml

  • Restructuring of extracellular matrix with targeted peptides 
  • Record 15% raise in elastin synthesis
  • Influence on skin chromophores,  evens skin tone 
  • Produced in Germany

Only cosmetologists after registration and attaching diploma can buy the product!

Peptide cream provides an intensive anti-age effect and magnificent results: guarantees skin tightening and skin lifting; improves skin turgor and elasticity, remodels a face contour and evens skin tone. The product is best suitable on mature skin since it acquires such deep reconstruction!

Elastin-stimulating peptide with high bioavailability activates fibroblasts and makes dermis tighter. Skin becomes more resistant to sagging with the help of this peptide. Natural ingredients and biotech complex CHROMOCARE balance melanocytes functions, strengthen vascular wall, improve skin tone and complexion. Macadamia oil provides nourishing care for mature skin.

This cream with velvet and rich texture leaves a feeling of fullness on skin immediately after application. The cream is used in professional care and in  everyday home care.

  • In case of gravitational ptosis
  • To improve face contour
  • In case of turgor loss
  • In case of signs of chrono-ageing
  • In case of dehydrated and fragile skin

IDEALIFT® is an elastin-stimulating dipeptide linked to the lipid chain to increase bioavailability. It effectively combats skin sagging and gravitational ptosis by activating elastin synthesis in fibroblasts, strengthening the structure of connective tissue, and correcting the normal functioning of mature elastin through the synthesis of various molecules necessary for the correct architecture of elastic fibers. Under the influence of IDEALIFT the skin’s resistance to sagging is repeatedly increased. Skin sagging area is reduced by 24% after one month of application.

CHROMOCARE is a biotechnological complex of two extracts: Rabdozia reddosa, rich in oridonin, and Sighesebekia orientalis, rich in darutoside. The complex actively influences the chromophores of the skin – substances with a high absorption coefficient of light radiation and affecting the color and tone of the skin. Chromocare reduces the heterogeneous distribution of melanin and hemoglobin and improves skin tone. 

VITAMIN A (RETINYL PALMITATE) plays an important role in ensuring normal cell nucleus DNA and mitochondrial activity. Retinol with the help of alcohol dehydrogenase is oxidized in the skin into retinoic acid and contributes to the reduction of age spots. By accelerating the renewal of epidermal cells, it reduces the contact time between keratinocytes and melanocytes and activates the loss of pigment during epidermal maturation. By stimulating growth factor beta and procollagen, vitamin A simultaneously blocks the enzymes that degrade collagen and prevents the oxidative process. Vitamin A can affect the expression of genes responsible for cell differentiation and proliferation, thus accelerating skin regeneration.

VITAMIN E (TOCOPHEROL) is involved in the processes of tissue respiration, supports the immune system (including skin barrier immunity), protecting the reproduction of immune cells. It is necessary for the stabilization of biological membranes. By slowing down the process of peroxide lipid formation, it restores their structure and function. It is a powerful antioxidant. Participating in reactions with lipids, it forms a low-energy tocopherol radical, which by itself does not promote prolonged chain reactions with membrane lipids, but can restore its antioxidant properties with other antioxidants, such as vitamin C. It preserves and enhances the effect of vitamin C on the skin, strengthens the hydrolipid mantle and is a natural sunscreen, protecting the skin from UV rays and slowing down the aging process. Vitamin E is an irreplaceable component of eyelash care. It activates the processes of growth and regeneration, affecting hair follicles and prevents hair breakage by providing antioxidant protection.

HIGH MOLECULAR HYALURONIC ACID has a high degree of hygroscopicity. Distributed evenly over the surface of the skin, hyaluronic acid forms a light film that actively “traps” and retains moisture from the air. The film has acidic properties, which prevents the reproduction of bacteria, but also creates a moist environment to improve metabolic cell processes. Thus, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid has an excellent moisturizing, moisture retaining and smoothing effect on the skin surface.

LOW MOLECULAR HYALURONIC ACID has a remarkable ability to bind and retain 200-500 molecules of water due to hydrogen bonds. The small size of the molecule allows hyaluronic acid to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis – this creates a stimulating effect on the basal layer of the epidermis and affects the dermal matrix. Low-molecular form of hyaluronic acid affects the expression of many genes, including those responsible for differentiation of keratinocytes, and induces fibroblast to synthesize new intercellular compounds, production of which decreases with age, first of all it is collagen type 1 and own hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps to protect cells from free-radical damage. 

NATURAL SILK POWDER – highly purified granules of silk proteins, 100% fibroin, which contains 18 types of amino acids. It regulates perfectly the hydration of the skin: it is able to absorb or return moisture depending on the change of temperature and humidity of the environment.

Apply as a finishing touch to the face and neck area with light pompadour movements.


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